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Fluebay is an online trading division of Excel Plumbing Products (NI) Ltd, who have been manufacturing Twin-Walled Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liners for the past 10 years.

Not only do we supply the flexible flue liner to you at Trade Price, we do so with Free Delivery through the UK and Ireland.

If you wish to purchase a complete Flue Lining Kit to fit your stove we can supply all fittings in a pack to allow you to do so. If it is a Flue Relining Pack (Chimney Reling Kit) you require for an open fire we can also do this.

All our flexible flue liner products are tested and conform to the EN1856 Standard and are covered by a Ten Year Warranty, upon correct installation and use. We also welcome trade enquiries.

For stoves please visit our online store at www.mylovelystove.com

Why Use Flexible Flue Liner or Chimney Reling Kits?

If you are installing a Wood Burning or Multifuel Stove in your home it is always advisable to install a Flue Liner. A Flue Liner will not only help to provide a better draw for your chimney, it will provides safe passage so harmful fumes will not enter the room.

At Fluebay we manufacture stainless steel twin walled flexible flue liner from 100mm (for condensing oil boilers) to 300mm. We can supply you with pre-cut lengths of flue liner (usually 6m for Bungalows or 9m for Two Storey houses) or specific lengths for those with particular requirements. We also supply the Flue Adaptor, Plates and Cowls – all you will need when installing a stove.

If you wish to install a flue liner for an open fire we also supply the fitting required to complete the job. For an open fire always use 7" or 8" chimney flue liner and for a stove always uses 5" or 6" flue liners. (Some of the bigger stoves for central heating may use 7" flue liner)

Why Should I Install a Flue Liner?

If you have a build up of soot behind the crevices where your chimney liner is compromised cleaning will not remove this. The hidden soot can ignite, thus causing chimney fires. You should never burn wet timber as it leaves a tar on your liner which can ignite. Once you have had a chimney fire the chances are that the chimney liner has been compromised and repairs will have to take place.

When using a damaged chimney with either a stove or open fire you run the risk of the seepage of fumes which could result in unhealthy or fatal amounts of Carbon Monoxide.

When installing a wood burning appliance it is now part of building regulations to install a carbon monoxide detector.There is no substitute for a chimney not being in a full working order and a carbon monoxide detector is only a warning device.

If you have recently had a chimney fire or if your chimney is more than 30 years old you would be best to reline using a stainless steel flexible flue liner. Our flesible flue liners are manufactured to BSES 150 9001 and tested to the EN1856 European Standard. These flue liners are guaranteed for 10 years upon correct installation but will last for longer if the correct fuels are used and it is swept on an annual basis.

If you do believe you have a problem with your chimney please have a smoke test done.

For further Information, please call our office on (028) 8675 8628 or from ROI (048) 8675 8628.

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