Flexible Flue Lining Kits

Flexible flue liners are used to contain fumes and other burning materials. They are ideally installed to wood burning and multi fuel stove chimneys.

What does a Flue Liner actually do?

  • It provides a better ‘pull’ which helps to push the smoke out of your house/establishment
  • It enhances the performance of your stove to make it more controllable
  • Liners push the heat up the chimney to prevent fire hazards

Advantages of using a Flexible Flue Liner

  • Compared to other flues, they are more proficient at protecting chimneys from damage caused by condensates and tars
  • They provide good insulation properties
  • They provide better protection for decoration on the chimney breast

Fluebay Flexible Flue Lining Kits

Our flexible flue liners are made from high quality stainless steel materials that can last up to 10 years. Including full fitting instructions, the kit consists of a liner, a flex to pipe adaptor, a rain cowl, a nose cone, a clamp and plate.

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