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Why Install A Flue Liner?

Flue liners are clay, metal or ceramic conduits placed inside a chimney. Primarily designed to prevent heat from transferring to combustibles or to securely carry hot and dangerous gases out of a home, there are several other reasons why you should install a flue liner:

1. It insulates the chimney

A flue liner builds a barrier between the chimney walls and the flue, which insulates the chimney from heat and corrosion.

2. It creates a safe passageway for harmful gases

Flue liners should be installed in homes with wood burning or multi-fuel stove facilities as a matter of course. The flue liner will serve as a safe passageway for harmful gases as they pass through the chimney.

3. It can decrease the chances of fire ignition

Heat in the chimney will be reduced, which in turn will decrease the chances of a chimney fire.

4. It prevents condensation and masonry damage

Low-temperature gases can generate great amounts of condensation that can cause deterioration to the masonry within a chimney. If the chimney has a flue liner, this will be prevented.

5. It can lessen the build-up of soot, tar and creosote

Condensation from wood burning can be attributed to the accumulation of soot, tar and creosote. Since these are combustible, this could potentially lead to a chimney fire if not removed. Installing a flue liner can lessen build-up because the condensation in the chimney is also reduced.

6. It prevents the leakage of carbon monoxide into the house

The process of burning wood in a stove or an open fireplace mounted into the chimney produces harmful and toxic gases like carbon monoxide. Without a flue liner, carbon monoxide may leak into the house and become a health hazard.

7. It can promote energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of wood or fuel

Flue liners improve the flow of air within the chimney. Wood or fuel consumption will be reduced since this causes better heat retention.

Flue / Chimney Liners

We sell a range of high quality flexible flue liners that meet BSES 150 9001 and are tested according to EN1856 European standards. Our flue liners are guaranteed to last for up to 10 years upon correct installation. We also manufacture stainless steel, twin walled, flexible flue liners from 100mm (for condensing oil boilers) to 300mm.

We cater to pre-cut lengths - usually 6m for bungalows or 9m for two-storey houses and we also offer custom lengths for clients who have specific requirements. Supplying flue adaptors, plates, cowls, stove fans and accessories Fluebay has everything you could possibly need to safely install your multi-fuel stove or log burner.

Getting the right flue liner

Most building code standards require the installation of flue liners. Simply having a flue liner does not guarantee full protection and benefits, since chimneys are of different sizes.  

If you wish to install an open fire flue liner, we also supply the fittings required to complete the job. We would recommend a 7" or 8" chimney flue liner for an open fire and a 5" or 6" flue liner for a stove. (Some of the bigger stoves for central heating may use a 7" flue liner).

For chimneys that are more than 30 years old, it is BEST to reline using our stainless steel flexible flue liner. Our chimney relining kits are also suitable for chimneys that have recently be subjected to fire damage. (You should first have a smoke test completed to ascertain whether your chimney is safe).

For more information about our products, please call our office on (028) 8675 8628 or from ROI (048) 8675 8628.

Flue Lining Diagrams

Chimney Relining Pack Diagram

Stove Relining Pack Diagram